Small Drunkard's Path Set - Marti Michell



Makes 3", 4" and more block sizes! These are the original "They don't look like Drunkard's Path Templates" that are perfect for rotary cutting.

The method requires cutting a square and a strip, and then cutting the shapes from those pieces. For example, Drunkard's Path Templates A and B are used to make a 3" finished Drunkard's Path block. Shape A is used to cut a quarter-circle opening from a 3 1/2" square (or Template 1, Set A). Shape B is cut from a 2 1/2" strip. In the same way, templates B and C are used to make a 3 1/2" finished Drunkard's Path, and Templates C and D for 4" Drunkard's Path units. Even bigger blocks can be made by starting with a larger square.

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