Clear Piping Foot



Insert packaged piping into seams and edges for a tailored finish. Cover cord with fabric for specialty Piping. The clear view allows you to see the piping placement and see exactly where you are stitching. The clear view enables you to see the first row of stitching and adjust your needle position to stitch next to the original row. Straight Stitch, length 2.5.

Other information

To make piping from your fabric:
1. Snap on the Clear Piping Foot.

2. Cut bias or crosswise grain strips wide enough to cover the cording plus seam allowances.

3. Lay the cording on the wrong side of the fabric strip and wrap the fabric over the cord.

4. Place the fabric and cord under the Clear Piping Foot with the cord in the groove on the underside of the foot.

5. Sew. The groove will guide the cord so the fabric covers it evenly. Hint: When you sew this piping into a garment, adjust the needle position so it stitches one setting closer to the cord, to cover the first stitching.

To stitch piping into a seam:
1. Snap on the Clear Piping Foot.

2. Place the piping along the seam line on the right side of the fabric and stitch in place with piping in the groove of the foot.

3. Place the second piece of fabric on top with the right sides together.

4. Put fabric and piping layers under the piping foot with the piping in the groove on the underside of the foot. Sew. The groove on the underside of the foot will guide the piping as you sew. (Hint: Notch the seam allowance of the piping on curves and corners.)


Compatible machine groups 1 - 8

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