Mitering Ruler 8"x 24" - Marti Michell



Features our special engineered "no dog ears" corner. Perfect for cutting 45-degree diamonds and mitered corners on quilt borders. Also perfect for mitered sashings and blocks like Attic Windows. Can be used the same way you use a 6- x 24-inch ruler, too. Purple verticals marked every 1/8-inch to make cutting strips easier. Different 1/8-, 1/4- and 1/2-inch lines for easier positioning; heavier lines every 1/2-inch for easier counting.

Cut Wider Strips and Make Perfect Mitered Corners with our 8" x 24" My Favorite Mitering Ruler™. Our 4" wide Mitering Ruler is perfect for wallhangings, mitered blocks and narrow borders.

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