Olfa Double-Sided Self-Healing Cutting Mat



 The 9”x12” cutting mat is a versatile and practical work surface for crafters. With it’s 2.0mm thickness, it offers compatibility with both fixed blades, like art knives, and rotary blades. This makes it suitable for a variety of cutting tasks in your workspace. It’s always great to have a cutting mat that can hold up to a variety of crafts.

The self-healing feature of the OLFA Double-Sided Cutting Mat is a valuable characteristic. With this feature, the mat surface automatically reseals itself after each cut, maintaining a consistently smooth and perfect cutting surface. This is particularly useful when working with materials like fabric and paper, as it helps to maintain the integrity of the mat over time.

The double-sided nature of the cutting mat provides versatility for different cutting projects. You can choose to use the solid side, or the gridline side based on your specific cutting needs. This flexibility makes it well-suited for a range of applications, including quilting, sewing, crafting, and general hobby use. It's always beneficial to have options when working on various craft projects.

Overall, the features of the OLFA Double-Sided Rotary Mat, such as its durability, self-healing surface, and versatility, make it an excellent choice for craft enthusiasts and professionals alike.

  • Triple-layer heat welded construction
  • 2.0mm thick for a variety of applications
  • Accepts fixed blades and rotary blades
  • Hole for hanging
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