Quilt Binder



The Double Fold ½" (12mm) binder will turn a light weight woven fabric strip into a binding and attach it to the project edges all in one step when fitted with 412964206 or 412964207 stitch plate. To bind edges with the ½" (12mm) Quilt Binder, cut a 1¾" (45mm) wide strip of light weight woven fabric.

Mitred quilt corners will be effortless with the Quilt Binder, and don't just limit yourself to Quilts... If it needs binding the Quilt Binder is the answer for you. 


Watch video demonstration on how to use 


Fits: Brilliance, Ruby, Diamond, Topaz, Sapphire, Opal (used with needle plate 412964207)

Compatible machine groups 7-8

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